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This innovated format is your doorway to a brand new reading experience.  Since its introduction, it has yet to be matched.  PC Paperback© eliminates the worry about where you left your book.  It is where you want it.  PC Paperbacks give you options.


You can copy PC Paperbacks onto your hard drive;

1) create a folder such as My PC Paperbacks (pending future purchases).

2) copy/paste or drag and drop the file to the new folder.


A PC Paperback can be read from the CD, or even printed a chapter at a time for those moments when you have somewhere to go, and only a desktop.  Launching it with your Web Browser means anyone with a desktop, a laptop, a CD Rom, and a Web Browser can read a PC Paperback©. With a USB connection, you can even copy/paste it to a notebook computer.   Technology today allows you to load your PC Paperback© to other electronic devices with ease.


The PC Paperback© works as if you're surfing the Web.  That should make it easy to navigate your way through it.  Using your Web Browser to read a PC Paperback© gives you many of the same options, without an Internet Connection.  With an Internet Connect, the PC Paperback© becomes much more interesting.  Most of all, your PC Paperback© is a physical copy.  Once it is copied to your PC, you simply store it away.  Now imagine being able to put ten, twenty, or thirty novels in your book bag, purse, or attaché case.  Also, it saves trees.





Why PC Paperback ?

The beauty of the PC Paperback is the cost.  PC Paperbacks are sold at The Xyiaocon Empire Web Site for up to 60% less than the paperback novel.
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